Planet-3 Gear List Partial Gear List

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Line level cable is by Mogami,
Microphone cable is Canare Star Quad
All connectors are Neutrik Gold

Recording and Reproduction

Projects can be mixed at bit depths up to 24 bit / 96 kHz, and are mixed through a Malcolm Toft Associates MTA 980 recording console with moving fader automation, or within Pro Tools or Logic Audio.

For 24 / 96 mixing, the Cranesong HEDD 192 is the converter stage, with the final
delivery device being an Alesis Masterlink or a SATA hard drive for storage.

Logic Pro expert

A wide range of third party AU and VST plugins

Converters including:
Apogee AD 8000 SE (4 units for 32 channels)
Metric Halo Labs
Cranesong HEDD 192
Alesis Masterlink


AKG D112
Binny & Smith Crayola
Electrovoice 635A (x 2)
Electrovoice RE 20
Electrovoice 666
Neumann KM 56 (x 2)
Neumann KM 84 (x 2)
Neumann U 47
Neumann U 67 (x 2)
Royer 121 Ribbon
Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon
Sennheiser MD 421
Sennheiser MD 441

Assorted Shure and Beyer dynamic microphones


Alan Smart C2 Compressor
Ampex MM-10
API 312 (x 4)
Avalon 2022 Pre Amp / DI
Avalon 2055 EQ
Little Labs IBP
Little Labs PCP Distro
Neumann W 492 EQ
Neumann W 439 EQ (x 2)
Neve 1073 (x 2)
Neve 1272 (x 4)
Requisite Audio PAL Plus (x 2)
Empirical Labs Distressor (x 2)
Empirical Labs Fatso
FMR Really Nice Compressor
Manley Massive Passive dual mono EQ
Manley Vari Mu compressor
SPL Vitalizer
UREI LA 4 Compressor (x 2)
UREI 527 Equalizer

Time Based Effects

Eventide H3000
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
Furman Spring reverb
Lexicon PCM 41
Lexicon PCM 80
Lexicon PCM 90
Korg DRV 2000
Roland 501 Space Echo
Sony SDR 1000

Keyboards and Other Things

Korg Wavestation A/D
Korg Z1
Korg Triton

Gamelan, Glockenspiel and other percussion instruments
4 Terrabyte Sample Library

Fretted instruments and Amplification

Asbury Rubber band bass
Danelectro U2
Fender Stratocaster (modified)
Fender Precision Bass (1979)
Gibson L 5 (modified)
Fender Champ lap steel (1955)
Larrivee Dreadnaught acoustic
Larrivee OM O9M
Fender Twin (1970 - modified to pre RCA specs)
Fender Princeton Chorus
Hartke 350 Bass Head
Acoustic Twin 15 cabinet

Assorted pedals + effects by Lovetone, Moog, Electro Harmonix and others